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One of the roles of the DHIB is to assist its members in locating tools which may be of use to them in their digital humanities research projects. In particular, a number of departments whose faculty are actively part of the DHIB have already purchased equipment and software to facilitate their digital humanities research, and they may be able to make these resources available to other digital humanities scholars on campus on a limited basis. Examples of the resources that are available, listed by department, are the following.

  • DHIB itself owns an interactive whiteboard (i.e., a SmartBoard) which is generally found in 904 Clemens but could be moved elsewhere when arrangements are made in advance.

  • The Department of Anthropology has a multimedia lab, which includes:
    • A Mac workstation for digital video and photography (including GIS, graphics, video, photography software)
    • A PC workstation for digital video and photography (including GIS, graphics, video, photography software)
    • A PC laptop for field projects (including GIS, graphics, video, photography software)
    • A digital Total Station for field projects
    • A Semi-professional Video camera
    • A Semi-professional Photo camera
    • A Scan Station
    • A LCD Projector
    • A Hard drive space for temporary storage of digitized video and photo data

  • The Department of Linguistics has a workstation for digitizing audio recordings which includes:
    • A computer for capturing digitized data
    • Hard drive space for temporary storage of digitized audio data
    • A reel-to-reel cassette player
    • A compact cassette player
    • An analog-to-digital converter allowing the output of the cassette players to be captured by a computer

  • The Digital Library Center shares a suite of technology tools, a technology classroom, a technology enhanced conference room, and a soft seating area with the UB Teaching and Learning Center. The technology suite includes Windows PC and Mac OS graphics workstations where faculty can work on projects. A full complement of digitization tools for sound, video, and images are also available. Additionally there are a number of tools available for digital output including large format printers, CD/DVD duplication, dubbing tools, still and video cameras, projection equipment and Mac OS and Windows PC laptop computers.
  • Services:
    • Spaces
      • Technology Collection
      • Soft seating space
      • Technology Classroom
      • Technology Conference Room
    • Tools
      • Graphic workstations
      • Document Scanned
      • Flatbed and Slide Scanners
      • Audio digitization
      • Video digitization
      • High-resolution printers
      • Large-format printers
      • CD/DVD duplicator
      • Mac and PC Laptops
      • Digital Still Cameras
      • Digital Video Cameras
      • Digital Projectors
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