Exhibit X Fiction Series: audio / video digital archive

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Exhibit X Fiction Series: audio / video digital archive

Lead investigator: Christina Milletti
Group members: Dimitri Anastasopoulos, Josephine Anstey, Ed Cardoni
Detailed description: Founded in 2003, the Exhibit X Fiction Series was established to showcase the University at Buffalo’s long history of fostering groundbreaking innovative and experimental fiction writers, particularly those associated with the postmodern American novel, such as John Barth and Donald Barthelme, and later on, J.M. Coetzee, Raymond Federman, and Samuel R. Delany. The aim of the reading series has since grown to educate its audience about the novel’s development in order to broaden the audience’s sense of what fiction may become in the contemporary moment. Exhibit X therefore invites authors who are not only experimenting with innovative forms of narrative, but who are also moving into cross-genre, electronic, and multi-media formats. Our aim is to create a cache of guest writers who are conversing with each other through their work about new opportunities within fictional forms. As a result, the Exhibit X Sound and Video Archive of guest readings, represents a unique compilation of writers who are actively engaged in rethinking the nature of narrative, the idea of fictional language, as well as the publishing marketplace of the contemporary novel.
Planned activities: Thanks to the DHIB grant, we intend to fully update the Exhibit X Fiction Series website--now available at http://www.english.buffalo.edu/exhibitx -- and make its current audio/video archive of guest fiction readings more user friendly for researchers in the field, readers interested in writers, and students of innovative fiction.

Moreover, the update will include several added features: a blog hosted by Co-Directors Christina Milletti and Dimitri Anastasopoulos on the realm of contemporary fiction, a workspace for students to share their writing, and a forum where students and the Exhibit X Fiction series audience can discuss guest events.

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