Grantwriting participants

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  • Carole Ann Fabian, ArtSTOR
  • Cindy Pirson, Sponsored Project Services
  • Stacy Person, Digital Libraries
  • Cristanne Miller, English
  • Joe Easterly, Media Study
  • Laura Chiesa, Romance Languages & Literatures
  • Ronan Crowley, English
  • Thom Slomka, Digital Libraries
  • Leslie Walker, Center for the Moving Image
  • Gil Bitely, English
  • Andrew Stott, English
  • Enki Yoo, Geography
  • Sarah Bay-Cheng, Theatre & Dance/Media Study
  • Jeff Good, Linguistics
  • Pat Shelly, Gender Institute
  • Nancy Napierala, American Studies
  • Neil Coffee, Classics
  • Maureen Jameson, Romance Languages & Literatures
  • Bruce Acker, Asian Studies
  • Peter Biehl, Anthropology
  • Jody Biehl, English
  • Austin Booth, University Libraries
  • Debra Kolodczak, American Studies
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