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Issues for discussion

Meeting of January 22, 2008, 12:00 to 1:30 PM, 904 Clemens Hall
Minutes of this meeting


  • Intellectual identity of the digital humanities group
  • Activities consistent with that identity
  • Activities outside the scope of the group's mission

Budget priorities


  • Humanities Institute member organization
  • Leadership
  • Steering Committee
  • Charter
  • Members


  • Additional hire in CASet
  • Collaboration with University Libraries
  • Subcontracting with other campus units

Proposed agenda

  • Short term:
    • Collect and analyze feedback from meeting participants
    • Form a steering committee
    • Develop name and visual identity for group
    • Draft charter
    • Draft spending proposals
    • Evaluate other models for digital humanities groups
    • Organize brown-bag sessions for work-in-progress
    • Organize follow-up training building on the TEI/XML workshop
    • Identify likely external funding sources for individual and group support
  • Long term possibilities:
    • Organize an annual event (showcase / training)
    • Develop regional / trans-border consortium for digital humanities initiatives
    • Host visiting scholars on a regular basis
    • Develop a graduate certificate in digital humanities
    • Explore digital imprint for SUNY Press (see UVa example)
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