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Judith Adams-Volpe
Director of Communication
Judith Adams-Volpe

Judy en route to University at Buffalo Bulls MAC Championship Football win
Research interests: Technology and society/culture, popular culture, academic research libraries, history of technology
Institutional affiliation: University at Buffalo
Departmental affiliation: University Libraries
Office location: 223 Capen Hall
URI: Profile
Membership status: Charter member
Digital projects: Pulp fiction covers

Judith Adams-Volpe


As an academic library administrator with advanced degrees in Library/Information Science and English Literature, my research/publication interests focus on the interaction of technology and culture, the history of technology, and the services and resources of academic libraries. I am particularly interested in how popular culture mediums reflect the society and culture of specific time periods, and also the formats and effectiveness of various technologies in libraries.

Digital interests

I want to use digital technologies to expand access and use of rare, fragile, unique, or potentially high demand objects or materials held by libraries and museums. Along with content, digital technologies also present the ability to create collections that can be used in ways that create new scholarship and research investigations, and innovative teaching opportunities. In 2008, I utilized a generous grant from the Digital Humanities Initiative at Buffalo to create a digital collection and accompanying metadata for Science Fiction Cover Art, originating from the George Kelley Paperback and Pulp Fiction Collection. This graphically intense collection may be a valuable resource for teaching and research related to the interaction of media and culture during the mid-20th century.

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