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David Fertig
Associate Professor
David Fertig

David Fertig
Research interests: Germanic linguistics; language change; morphology; dialectology; sociolinguistics
Institutional affiliation: University at Buffalo
Departmental affiliation: Department of Linguistics
Office location: 638 Baldy Hall
URI: David Fertig
Membership status: Charter member
Digital projects: [URI NAME OF PROJECT]

David Fertig


I have been a member of the UB faculty since receiving my Ph.D. in Germanic linguistics from the University of Michigan in 1994. I am the director of the German language program and teach German as well as linguistics. Much of my research involves variation and change in verbal morphology in German, English, and other Germanic languages.

Digital interests

Empirical work on morphological variation and change requires large historical corpora and databases. Designing, constructing, and analyzing such databases is central to much of my research. I am also interested in issues of text encoding related to medieval manuscripts and inscriptions.

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