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Jeff Good
Assistant Professor
Jeff Good
Jeff Good
Research interests: test
Institutional affiliation: University at Buffalo
Departmental affiliation: Linguistics
Office location: 609 Baldy Hall
Membership status: Full member
Digital projects: Northeastern North American Indigenous Languages Archive (NNAILA)

Jeff Good

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I am a faculty member of the UB Linguistics Department with interests in morphology, syntax, African languages, and digital linguistics. In particular, I am active in the emerging area of digital methods for language documentation and description and archiving. More specifically, I am interested in the development of new database models to facilitate comparative, typological, and descriptive linguistic work. As part of this research, I oversaw the transition of the Rosetta Project's language database to one built primarily on RDF data structures, a key component of the Semantic Web, and I now have a more general interest in anticipating and planning for the transition of linguistic research from traditional modes of publication to new models based on insights from the development of the web.

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