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John Bewley
Associate Librarian/Archivist
John Bewley

John Bewley
Research interests: Encoded Archival Description (EAD), XML, XSL stylesheets, metadata, controlled vocabularies
Institutional affiliation: University at Buffalo
Departmental affiliation: Music Library
Office location: Music Library, Baird Hall
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Membership status: Charter member
Digital projects: XTF Finding Aid Project

John Bewley


I have been at UB as Music Librarian/Archivist since 1998. During that time I have been working to increase the visibility and accessibility of our Music archival collections through different online means.

Digital interests

As a cataloger, my chief concern is with metadata. Working in the digital realm has forced me to expand the type of metadata I employ and seek new ways to create and control it. For work on our collections in UBdigit, this meant learning ways of creating databases (in MSAccess) and then learning how to massage data for ingest into contentDM, the software running UBdigit. For work on archival finding aids it has meant learning ways to standardize the data and methods for creating it. A common theme in this work is the attempt to find ways to eliminate redundant effort - to find ways to create metadata once and then manipulate it rather than entering and re-entering it.

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