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Joe Easterly
Coordinator, Media Resource Center
Joe Easterly

Research interests: digital and metadata librarianship
Institutional affiliation: University at Buffalo
Departmental affiliation: Visual Studies
Office location: 508 Clemens Hall
URI: Media Resource Center
Membership status: Charter member
Digital projects: Digitization of MRC Holdings

Joe Easterly


B.A. (2005), M.L.S. (2007), SUNY at Buffalo. Major fields of training / interest include Music Theory / History, Linguistics, Library Science, and Computing.

Digital interests

I'm interested in the cognitive issues affecting the formulation of non-textual information retrieval requests. I'm also interested in the role of librarians and digital libraries at the intersection of curated digital libraries, non-curated (personal) collections, and bibliographic media — particularly, how shifts in the way the academe uses computers for teaching and research is blurring the boundaries between brick-and-mortar libraries, digital library collections, institutional repositories, archives, users' personal electronic media, and the internet (e.g.., google, flickr, facebook, blogosphere).

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