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Martin Danahy
Professor of English and
Director, Brock University Centre for Digital Humanities

C'est moi!
Research interests: Victorian Studies, Digital stuff
Institutional affiliation: Brock University
Departmental affiliation: English Dept / Digital Humanities
Office location: Canada
E-mail: [1]
URI: [N/A]
Membership status: Affiliated scholar
Digital projects: Brock University Centre for Digital Humanities

Martin Danahay


I'm primarily a Victorianist but keep being seduced by the dark side (ie. digital and interactive media) - like many Victorianists (see George Landow as culprit #1) I was an early and enthusiastic adopter of the web, creating my own sites and merrily trashing my slide projector in favour of online materials. While most of my publications are on things Victorian I have published on the uses of the WWW in the classroom (way back in the Dark Ages of Mosaic) and have an article coming out on video games as art. As of July 1st 2009 I will be heading up Brock's Digital Humanities Centre (note Canadian spelling) and like a lot of people am trying to figure out what Digital Humanities means..............

Digital interests

I experiment with 3D environments. In a previous incarnation in Texas I had a 3D online world in which I taught classes and carried out thought experiments - this disappeared when I stopped paying the rent when I moved to a new job - now I just muck about in Second Life. I have all my bemused English major students create web pages in my classes and am a big fan of all things interactive in the classroom including blogs, chat rooms etc My ambition is to become a virtual professor and teach all my classes from a warm, tropical climate from November to May.

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