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XML/TEI Workshop

Discuss the workshop and propose next steps.

The workshop will be held on January 8-10, 9:00 to 5:00 each day. It will be led by Julia Flanders and Syd Bauman of Brown University's Women Writers Project (WWP). Julia Flanders serves on the board of the Text Encoding Initiative. The workshop will introduce the use of TEI standards for XML markup. The computers in 450 Park Hall will be set up with <oXygen/>, a cross-platform XML editor. If you use Google Earth, you might want to locate Park Hall via a Google Earth placemark. There will be morning and afternoon coffee + refreshments, and on Thursday there will be a closing reception in 904 Clemens Hall.

The workshop materials are all located at the WWP's seminar page, and a detailed schedule is now available.

Julia Flanders says: "Let people know that they should bring a document sample for the hands-on (unless they want to use one of ours)."

Leslie McCain says: "Heads up -- all files are automatically deleted from the F:/ drive (the temporary storage drive) [in Park 450] when someone logs out, or if the machine has to be rebooted for any reason -- just like a public site computer. So participants need to have their own file storage, to save any files they might want to carry over from one session to another."

Join the TEI listserv.

Workshop participants:

  • Mike Behun
  • Mary Beth Betzold
  • Austin Booth
  • Sonya Brockman
  • Susan Cole
  • Ronan Crowley
  • Joe Easterly
  • David Fertig
  • Crystal Hickerson
  • Maureen Jameson
  • Erika Lederman
  • Cristanne Miller
  • Stacy Person
  • Thomas Slomka
  • Corey Werner
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