Becoming Poetics: an online journal

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Becoming Poetics: an online journal

Lead investigator: Ming-Qian Ma
Group members: Dimitri Anastasopoulos (English, Creative Writing), Sarah Bay-Cheng (Theater and Dance), Joseph Conte (English), Stephen Cope (English Adjunct, Ithaca College and UB), Chris Forstall (Classics, Graduate Student), Loss Glazier (Media Studies), Stacy Hubbard (English), Myung Mi Kim (English, Poetics Program), Ming-Qian Ma (English), James Maynard (Poetry Collection), Steve McCaffery (English, Poetics Program), Cristanne Miller (English), [User:Milletti
Detailed description: The project of the Poetics Group is an on-line journal titled Becoming Poetics, which will function as a forum for articulating, disseminating, and archiving exploratory and innovative thinking by our own faculty and graduate students, and eventually by poets and scholars nationally and internationally, on the emerging poetics of the 21st century.

With the Poetics Group working as the collective think-tank and as the editorial board, the umbrella-objective of Becoming Poetics, at its most ambitious, is to encourage and to promote, through publication, works that imagine, explore, create, articulate, and conceptualize, from interdisciplinary perspectives, a new discourse on emerging poetics in the contexts of the 21st century. Its working objective is to provide an on-line publishing venue for exploratory, experimental, or speculative thinking at various stages of its dynamic formation.

Guided by these objectives, Becoming Poetics will be different from all other journals, academic or otherwise, in that it will not publish individual poems, standard poetry reviews, or conventional poetry criticism in the forms of journal articles, conference presentations, and academic papers. Instead, it will only publish “entries”---i.e., short passages, paragraph statements, or segments of thinking, which capture the fleeting insights or the flickering sparks of acumen on poetics in the interstices between the hitherto academic discourse on the one side and the creative discourse on the other side.

Becoming Poetics is planned, at this point, as an annual publication, with its first issue coming out at the end of the fall semester. It is envisioned as going through two stages of development. In the first stage, the journal is, in principle, an in-house journal, open only to our own faculty and graduate students, who are also the exclusive contributors and audience of the journal. In the second stage, the journal will be open to the entire nation and to the world, becoming the global forum for emerging poetics.

Planned activities: PLANNED ACTIVITIES
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