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This page explains how to create a member profile on the DHIB wiki. All members are asked to have a profile page and to maintain the page themselves, but assistance with editing is always available. These instructions presuppose that you have already created an account for yourself on this wiki and that you are logged in. If you have not done so, please click now on "Create an account" in the top right corner of your screen, then come back to this page after your account is confirmed.


Step 1. Upload an image

  • Choose a .jpg file which is at least 200 pixels wide.
  • Click on "Upload file" from the toolbox in the navigation bar on the left. You may want to right-click (Mac control-click) on the "Upload file" link and open it in a new tab so that you can keep these instructions open while you create your profile.
  • Navigate to the .jpg file you have chosen and remember the name it will have on the wiki.

Step 2. Copy the templates

  • From the navigation bar on the left, open the page entitled "List of members".
  • Click on the page for the DHumanWikiSysop.
  • You'll see tabs at the top of the page: click on "view source."
  • Place your cursor anywhere inside the box and type control-A, then control-C (Mac users command-A, command-C).
  • The text of the templates is now on your clipboard.

Step 3. Edit your own profile page

  • Click again on the "List of members"
  • Scroll down until you find your own name and click on it.
  • If you had previously created a profile on this wiki, click on the "edit" tab. If you had never previously created a profile on this wiki, you will automatically be in the editing interface.
  • Put your cursor anywhere in the editing window and type control-V (Mac users Option-V) to paste the templates into your editing window.
  • Move through the templates line by line, and wherever you see anything in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, replace it with appropriate content. For example, where it says YOUR_IMAGE_FILENAME.jpg, replace YOUR_IMAGE_FILENAME with the actual name of the image file which you uploaded earlier.
  • When you see words inside square brackets, be sure not to erase the brackets -- these create links. Just type in the requested URI (= URL), and then a space, and then the word(s) which should be linked. For example, you'll see

So you will replace DEPARTMENT URI with the URI of your department, and then after a space replace DEPARTMENT NAME with your department name, exactly like this:

[ Department of English]

Tada! You will produce the following result: Department of English

Step 4. Save and review

  • You can save your work at any stage of this process by clicking on "Save page" at the bottom, and then return to it by clicking on "edit" in the tabs on the top.
  • If you accidentally delete a bracket, or something goes completely haywire, please don't waste time trying to troubleshoot the problem. You can return to Step 2 above and just get the templates again and start over.
  • Once you have a basic profile in place, you might want to go back through it and "wikify" it. For example, if you mention an institution somewhere in your narrative, go back and turn that mention into a link to the institution. If you say you're collaborating with another wiki member, link to his or her profile. Add images, if you like.
  • If you get your page exactly the way you want it and then for some reason everything goes wrong, you can go to the "history" tab at the top of your editing window and rollback to a previous version.
  • Please take mental notes as you go through this process and send in any suggestions for making the instructions clearer or more user-friendly.
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