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==== Visual Studies ====
==== Visual Studies ====
* [[Joe Easterly]], [[Media Resource Center]]
* [[Joe Easterly]],
==== Literature ====
==== Literature ====

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Visual Studies



Digital Libraries

  • Stacy Person, Digital Library Center. We are developing the digital library at UB as part of the UB Libraries, and are interested in collaborating with anyone who is working on a digital library project. We would like to help facilitate the centralization of server resources and other resources that would be of use to the whole group.

  • MaryBeth Betzold, UB Libraries, Central Technical Services, Vocabulary Control Coordinator; specialty/area of interest: metadata; metadata schema

Currently working on provision of full metadata for the Darwin Martin Photograph Collection utilizing the Content DM Acquisition station (software), the AAT (Getty's Art & Architecture Thesaurus) and a project-driven version of Dublin Core. Project is a cooperative effort between the UB Archives/Special Collections and the Western New York Library Resources Council.

English Literature

  • Ronan Crowley, Department of English, is marking up two of the extant drafts of the 'Circe' episode of Joyce's Ulysses (one of which is at the Poetry Collection; the other the National Library of Ireland) using the <oXygen/> XML Editor. It's grrreat! Ideally these marked-up texts will then be fed into some wonderful XSLT shell to produce a navigable interface. Here's hoping.

Cristanne Miller, [English Department]Department of English. Possibility of creating a hypertextual edition of Marianne Moore's first poetry notebook, about 160 pages of rough manuscript in which she maps initial (and sometimes more advanced stages) of several major poems, including "Marriage," "The Octopus," "Silence," "Spenser's Ireland," & "Sea Unicorns and Land Unicorns." The notebook is housed in the Rosenbach Museum and Library (Philadelphia), and I have their permission to proceed. The literary estate has up to this point denied permission.

History/Asian Studies

  • Kristin Stapleton. A description of my 'Family' project may be found via the link on my name.

Web Archiving

Austin Booth, Libraries. I am interested in the practice and politics of archiving born-digital material. I'm especially interested in the archiving of e-zines, web art, and hypertext/multimedia literature...particularly e-zines/web art/electronic literature created by women. I have not selected a "project" yet--am busy surveying the field to see what's being done. I'm also interested in creating digital versions of little magazines.

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