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Visual Studies



Digital Libraries

  • Stacy Person, Digital Library Center. We are developing the digital library at UB as part of the UB Libraries, and are interested in collaborating with anyone who is working on a digital library project. We would like to help facilitate the centralization of server resources and other resources that would be of use to the whole group.

  • MaryBeth Betzold, UB Libraries, Central Technical Services, Vocabulary Control Coordinator; specialty/area of interest: metadata; metadata schema
Currently working on provision of full metadata for the Darwin Martin Photograph Collection utilizing the Content DM Acquisition station (software), the AAT (Getty's Art & Architecture Thesaurus) and a project-driven version of Dublin Core. Project is a cooperative effort between the UB Archives/Special Collections and the Western New York Library Resources Council.

English Literature

  • Ronan Crowley, Department of English, is marking up two of the extant drafts of the 'Circe' episode of Joyce's Ulysses (one of which is at the Poetry Collection; the other the National Library of Ireland) using the <oXygen/> XML Editor. It's grrreat! Ideally these marked-up texts will then be fed into some wonderful XSLT shell to produce a navigable interface. Here's hoping.

History/Asian Studies

  • Kristin Stapleton. A description of my 'Family' project may be found via the link on my name.
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